RSU 63 Bus Pass System

In our efforts to use our resources more efficiently, RSU 63 is continuing with our new way to track our transportation needs and keep our students safe.  An RSU 63 Bus/Van Pass will be required for all students utilizing the RSU 63 Transportation System.   

We are asking you to complete a form for your student in RSU 63 that will need transportation for the 2024-2025 school year by July 1, 2024.  You will need to submit a form for each student.

Your student(s) will receive a Bus/Van Tag to show their bus/van driver when they board an RSU 63 vehicle.  This will also help our drivers with their student seating logs and allow us to create more efficient and timely transportation routes for the students of RSU 63.  We understand there may be a time or two where transportation needs change and we simply ask that you keep us updated!  With the fluctuation of fuel prices, RSU 63 is working hard to remain fiscally responsible to our tax payers all while keeping our students safe!