Veterans Day


Originally enacted to mark the end of World War I (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month), Veterans Day now celebrates and honors all who have so proudly served their country in the armed services.  This Friday we will close our schools in recognition of Veterans Day.  Please help our students understand the importance of this day and why we have a “long weekend” this week.


While our first thoughts may be of those brave men and women currently serving in uniform in lands both near and far, we are also mindful of those soldiers that walk amongst us right here in our District.  Please help me in thanking those employees and family members of RSU 63 who so proudly and honorably served our country:



  • Robert Meyer - Holbrook Principal                                                   Air Force
  • Lauren Moulton - Elementary School Counselor                              Army National Guard
  • Ken Robichaud - Holden Custodian                                                   Navy
  • Dana Beers, Trevor Beers [Lisa Beers - Holden Teacher]                 Army
  • Gary Ferrill - Holbrook Custodian                                                     Navy
  • Bryant Kiley [Heather Kiley - Holden Secretary]                              Marines
  • John Huskins [Leslie Beers-Huskins - Holbrook Teacher]                Air Force
  • Anthony Haines [Vanessa Haines - Eddington Teacher]                   Army
  • Paul Bolstridge, Matthew Bolstridge [Teresa Maybury -Sub]           Army
  • Dan Duran - Holbrook Ed Tech                                                         Army Reserve
  • Colin Gamblin [Lisa Gamblin - Bookkeeper]                                    Marines
  • Kyle O’Connell [Ashley Bean - Holbrook Teacher]                         Air Force
  • John Walsh - Substitute, Coach                                                          Army
  • Brian Glass - Bus Driver                                                                    Navy


To all of those who served, and to all those family members who supported them-



With appreciation and admiration,