Superintendent Resignation Notice

I am proud of the RSU 63 staff. As Superintendent, I see and hear a lot of what they do.

Over the past two years the RSU 63 staff

  • have learned new technology.
  • boxed and bagged thousands of meals, worked together to deliver those meals to many smiling faces and to a heated warning (don’t come on my property again, I have a shotgun).
  • They took care of more than 26 students who were so depressed they were considering suicide.
  • They went outside to greet students rain and shine, when it was 90° and when it was 10° below zero. They made sure the kids got safely in the schools, on the buses, and into the right cars.
  • They kept their eyes open and reported to me when the person with schizophrenia was on our grounds and when a student got into a vehicle with an unsafe driver.
  • They wore masks and reminded students and each other to mask up, hoods down, use hand sanitizer, stay apart, be safe.
  • They helped our students process the January 6th riot on the Capitol building, the Black Lives Matter protest, their fear of Covid, deaths of parents, and the incarceration of other parents.
  • They moved furniture from one place to another and back again countless times.
  • They made hundreds of difficult phone calls to keep parents and staff informed about Covid.
  • They transported homeless students from various locations in Bangor and Brewer so the students could have a stable education.
  • They taught the multiplication tables and quadratic equations, how to read, write, and reason.
  • They incorporated many outdoor education activities into the school day and provided after school support, sports and other physical activities (Hiking Club, Backyard Games, Ultimate Frisbee) as well as enrichment and engagement opportunities (such as Minecraft and American Sign Language).
  • They modeled the RSU 63 core values and recognized students when they exhibited kindness, compassion, courage, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

These good people have worked tirelessly to educate our children, implement health and safety protocols, and follow more than 200 school board policies.  They do these things because they care deeply about our students.  It has been an honor to work with them over the past 10 years and I thank them for their dedication and service to our communities.  Thank you.   

However, it has become clear to me that, at this time, the District needs a different Superintendent.  I have provided the RSU 63 Board of Directors 60 days notice and have let the Board know of my decision to resign, effective May 27th.  I want you to know I am taking this action because I truly hope it will help the students and staff of RSU 63 have continued success.  I look forward to working together over the next few months towards a smooth transition for the District. 


Susan M. Smith