RSU 63 Supports

Thank you for your patience while we gathered the most recent, accurate information we can to develop a plan for RSU 63.  I am confident these are the right steps – for now.  I also expect the situation will change.

RSU 63 will be closed at least through Friday, March 27.  We will continually reassess the situation to determine when it is possible to reopen beyond the 27th.

I will continue to communicate with you through phone calls (for the most important, time-sensitive information), emails (for detailed information) and our RSU 63 Eddington, Holden, and Holbrook Schools Facebook page (for sharing other resources and re-posting emails and announcements).  Information can also be found on our website

You can call 2-1-1 to get general information regarding Covid-19, health care information, and crisis support.  You can also email me ( or call our RSU 63 Central Office at 207-843-7851 if you have questions about RSU 63’s plan or resources.  The office will be open, but if you need an in-person meeting, I ask that you call first.  

Below is additional important information.  Our goal is to stay connected and work together as a community to support one another through this difficult time.

Food Distribution: We will begin using our buses, routes, drivers, and cooks to deliver food to families in need on Wednesday, March 18th (between 12:00pm and 2:00pm).  We plan to continue this service on Friday, March 20th as well as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week.  If you are in need of something to eat (and not already receiving free lunch) please email me (  If you are able to help, please consider making a monetary donation (checks payable to “Holbrook - CHEFS”) or dropping off non-perishable food, personal hygiene products, and/or reusable cloth grocery bags in the lobby area of the RSU 63 Central Office (the back side of Holbrook School).

Important Items Left at School:  For these two weeks, we are asking families to call our schools between 9:00am and 2:00pm if they believe their child(ren) have left essential items in one of our buildings or on a bus.  This includes medication, a warm coat, eye glasses, or other health related items.  It does not include musical instructions, books, school supplies, computers, or other items students can live without for the next two weeks.  If the item is deemed essential, school personnel will retrieve it and bring it to the school’s lobby/entrance area.

Learning/Engagement Opportunities:  Our staff will be providing ideas and resources for optional at-home activities that will help keep your child(ren) engaged.  More information about this will be coming from teachers soon.  These activities will not be mandatory or part of any student’s school program.  They will not be graded or incorporated into any part of your child(ren)’s school record.  However, we do feel it is important for students to have a chance to use their brains and imagination during this extended time away from school.

Help Everyone in Our Community:  We are not only concerned about our students and staff.  Please help us all protect each other, especially our older adults.

1.     Wash your hands frequently

2.     Maintain social distancing (stay 3 feet away from others)

3.     Avoid touching your face

I would like to thank RSU 63’s Pandemic Management Team for their input and on-going support of our schools and community.  We are truly blessed to live in Clifton, Eddington, and Holden. 

Eddie Benjamin – Holden Police Department

Dawna Bickford – RSU 63 School Nurse

George Cummings – RSU 63 Technology Coordinator

Ryan Davis – Holden Fire Dept./Parent    

Jim Ellis- Eddington Fire/Penobscot County Sheriff Dept

Jesse Gauthier – RSU 63 Director of Special Services

Linda Graban – RSU 63 School Board Vice-Chair/Clifton Resident

Chris Greely – Holden Police Department

David McCluskey – Community Care Director/Eddington Resident

Richard Modery – Holbrook School Principal

Jake Morgan – RSU 63 Transportation and Facilities Director

Craig Russell - Eddington Fire/ Parent

Don Spencer – Eddington and Holden Schools’ Principal

Kelly Theriault – RSU 63 School Nutrition Administrator

Chris Watson – Penobscot County Sheriff Dept.

Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe