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RSU 63 Mission and Vision Statements

The RSU 63 Vision and Mission Statements  resonate with me personally and professionally.  They capture our purpose and the essence of what our communities and employees want for our students.  We use these statements to guide our efforts and resources to help us become a truly great school system.  I look forward to working with you to make this vision a reality. 

Susan M. Smith

RSU 63 Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Instruction



RSU 63 engages all students in high quality academic and co-curricular programs in a safe and supportive learning environment so they may succeed in school and reach their fullest potential in life.

Within the next 10 years...

  • All students will be well prepared for high school academically and with life skills and a work ethic that enables them to succeed.
  • RSU 63 will be recognized for its high quality academic offerings as well as its supports and extensions that meet students "where they are" with respect to individual needs and capabilities.
  • Students will have access to a broad range of co-curricular offerings before and after school that engage students physically, mentally and socially, allow for cross-grade-level interactions, and bolster their confidence and readiness to live and work in a global community.
  • RSU 63 will be known for its distinctive outdoor education focus and programs that provide all students with opportunities for learning about and gaining skills in the natural world, and linking their experiences to the core academic curriculum.
  • RSU 63 will be known for its highly qualified, skillful, understanding teachers, staff and administrators and be considered an outstanding district within which to work and grow professionally.
  • RSU 63 will continue to be known for its small, family feel - for offering small class sizes, a safe and nurturing environment, a close-knit community of teachers, staff and administrators, frequent and effective parent-teacher communication, and strong local community support. In short, RSU 63 will be a place where the colloquial saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." rings true.
  • All students will have reliable and equitable access to advanced educational technologies that are well integrated throughout the curriculum and used appropriately to enhance teaching and learning.
  • RSU 63 will be moving forward on a plan to have a state-of-the-art campus and center for students as well as adult learners throughout the community.