•  RSU #63 Department of Transportation
    is compiled of experienced and caring drivers whose main goal is keeping our kids safe.

     Transportation Staff

    Transportation Coordinator
    Zachary Chenier

    Keith Kennedy

    Bus Drivers
    Bus A  – Zachary Chenier 
    Bus B – John Kelley
    Bus J - Pam Bull
    Bus L – Brian Glass
    Bus M –  Tom Lwowski
    Bus P – David Johnson
    Bus R - Russell Smith
    Bus S - Keith Kennedy

    Van Drivers
    Leianna Spratt
    Leslie Brundage
    Mindy Bryner

    Substitute Drivers
    Patty Philbrook

  • Contact Information

    Zachary Chenier, Transportation Coordinator

    Office/Bus Garage
    3 Tradewinds Way
    Holden, ME 04429
    p: 207-561-9238