March 29, 2024


    Dear Families,

    On April 8th this area of the state will experience a solar eclipse.  As we know this is a rare event, one that we may not see again in our lifetimes.  To mark the occasion, the schools are including lessons about the eclipse, and providing each student with a pair of glasses approved for watching the eclipse safely. 

    The Eclipse will be at its maximum point (98.7% coverage) in this area at approximately 3:30pm.

    As this is the time that students would normally be on the busses, we will dismiss school at half day.  This will ensure that students are home in time to observe the eclipse and minimizes any risks posed by distracted drivers during the peak times.

    The Maine Department of Education and University of Maine have developed resources including an opportunity to watch a livestream of the eclipse from a camera high above the clouds.  Links to this live stream and other resources can be found below:



    We hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy this rare celestial event.



    Jared Fulgoni

    RSU 63 Superintendent of Schools