• Preparing students for high school requires a curriculum that combines high academic expectations with life skills and a strong work ethic.  In order for our students to succeed, RSU 63 engages all students in high quality academic and co-curricular programs in a safe and supportive learning environment.

    The RSU 63 curriculum is standards-based, and aligns to the

    • Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics,
    • Next Generation Science Standards,
    • International Society for Technology in Education’s Standards for Students, and
    • Maine Learning Results.

    RSU 63, staff using researched-based resources, created the curriculum.  The majority of the work has been built by classroom teachers in partnership with administrators.  It has been approved by our Board of Directors and is outlined in our “Grade Level Brochures.”

  • Contact Information

    Kristina Dumond
    Director of Curriculum

    p: 207-843-7851